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On April 4 our city burned, but my mother was unflinching.

Photo by Unseen Histories on Unsplash

Even at the age of 7, I was accustomed to people coming in and out of our house at all hours of the day and night. My parents ran the NAACP and organized civil rights marches from our living room, and published a militant newspaper from our basement. On any…

My dog suddenly lost his sight, and I am just starting to see things clearly

Image credit: SnowInspired from Pixabay

I was reading the second book in the Outlander saga when my adult kids brought me a dog from the shelter — a bouncy, wannabe Shih-Tzu mix. He was smart and fast, especially when stealing food, like the Paris street urchin in the book — Fergus.

And like the character…

Kay Bolden

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